As continues to find new stores and concepts to make it sure that they really “got it all for you”, four more stores opened their branches just recently.

Senor Juan Suman Latik
Senyor Juan’s Suman sa Latik is topped with ripe mango, perfectly combined with their brewed coffee.

Located at the ground floor of SM Lipa (near The Medical City) is Senyor Juan Suman Latik. Topped with a variety of other Filipino desserts like leche flan, ube, cheese and latik our traditional suman or rice cakes were given a new way on how it is packaged, presented and eaten.  The suman in Senyor Juan is served freshly cooked, soft and is already served unwrapped from its original banana leaf, neatly placed in a plate or take out box.

Positive Living

positive living zen eye massager
Positive Living’s Eye Massager

Another pop up store offering innovative product is Positive Living which is located in the area between the Supermarket and the SM Store.  They are selling the , which by the way doesn’t literally mean that the machine will touch your eye and massage it.  The eye massager uses the technology of air bag kneading to gently apply pressure with multiple airbags around the eyes.  This would feel like a warm palm is massaging the acupressure points around the temples.

Paras Alter Station

paras alter station
The shop of Paras Alter Station located at the second level of the North Parking Building at SM City Lipa

Ever had that problem when you’re buying a shirt which has a perfect body fit but its sleeves were too long, or had a gift from someone who gave you an extra-large dress but you have a medium body built? Located at the second level of the north parking building is the Paras Alter Station.  With their seasoned sewers and quality materials, they made it sure that every alterations will be perfectly done.

bread talk sm lipa
Bread Talk’s Orange Chantilly cake is just one of the new offerings of Bread Talk.

When Bread Talk opened at SM Lipa on 2013, their product offerings are somewhat limited due to the fact that they still have to get their products from its nearest concessionaire – Sta. Rosa Laguna.  When the owners decided to remodel its store, they added a baking area and refrigeration.  Re-opened just this July, Bread Talk, aside from its breads, now offers a variety of cakes that really looks so appetizing, they are guaranteed to be freshly made and really delicious.