‘Tis the season to be jolly, Isn’t it? With Christmas fast approaching, the next thing we know, it’s another year yet again! Yey! But no. We are all haunted with new resolutions: Ridiculous diet regime, to have those perfect bods in time for the summer. (Yes oh summer!), Save money! The joy of planning to save some of those hard earned pay checks. But who are we kidding? Above all, and quite frankly the only reasonable (and doable) of them all is to revamp our wardrobe, in time for the new year. New Year New Look is the New Black, Right? ! Here are 11 ways (and tips) to completely :

revamp your wardrobe
Image Courtesy of Flickr, Living area Mazzali: “900” wardrobe / l’armadio “900”
  1. Go through your wardrobe and get rid of the things that you feel are over-used, not your size or just doesn’t fit you anymore. We need your wardrobe to be as empty as possible for the new inspiration to settle in.
  1. Having those above stated in mind, how are you picturing your self as for the coming year? In jeans? Skirts? Dresses? Rebel look? Shy? Girly-girl? Mix these with a dash of that! Go ahead, be creative and set your style.
  1. Find inspiration. Go girlfriend! Scan those glossy magazines you’ve stack over the year and try looking for your style this year. Or fire up Google and look for blogs, vlogs and articles for everything.
  1. Take into consideration your lifestyle. (Hiking next month, Check!, Charity Ball next, OK., and gym every other day.) We should consider your preference of outfits throughout the year and not just for today. So, plot those activities already!
  1. Be creative. You can always mix and match. Try a different style. This should be a fun part. You can always play, of course, in the comfort of your room.
  1. Invest in shoes and accessories, bags, shades, hats and more. You will be amazed at how these things will spice up your Choosing the perfect pair of shoes might just make your outfit a-to die for! And those hand bag? OMG!
revamp your wardrobe
Image Courtesy of Pixabay
  1. Signature look. Be sure to stash your personal “Me” corner. Where you can wear at anytime, for anywhere and still be comfortable. Having your personal style defines you as you and it’s more convenient to wear because simply you’re being you!
  1. Be aggressive. Like a dress but not in style yet? Don’t be quick to judge! You might end up regretting it. Fashion is a never-ending cycle. And, who knows? You might be the one to bring that long dead outfit back on tract again.
  1. Versatility is the game we should play. We should be able to accommodate various styles and make it work. Unplanned night out? We should have it covered and still not dint our reputation of being creative and stylish.
  1. Time to hit the mall! First, let’s do a run through: sort out priorities first, list all the things we need in an urgent manner, then the things we need in a later time. Now those will be use occasionally. Don’t just go around the mall and pick things as you go. Trust me. Not a very good idea. At least, having a list we know what we really really want. For now.
  1. Now let’s face the crucial factor of them all. Our bank account. Let’s see if we can have this all or we’ll do this in an installment scheme. Work within our budget. If we are not so okay with this we can always go somewhere else less expensive and still have what our hearts desire.

I think we have the basics covered. And for my parting words before you hit the streets, enjoy! And always remember to be always you when setting a new style.