When was the last time that you looked out to see what else is in this world? Do you imagine how meaningful life can be when you pursue travel? Is it the little things? Or the mammoth things? Does really exist?

Well, isn’t actually cheaper when we were still kids. Why? Travel makes us . No, it actually makes us happier!

travel and happiness
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Travel: Source of Happiness?

As much as we live to define our lives, let’s believe that travel is a better source of happiness than most things in this world— even better than getting your dream job or getting engaged. Would you believe that?

At least, 77 % of 17,000 people believe in it! A global study of 17,000 people considered travel as the key to real happiness in life. And believe it or not- nearly half of this bunch of people believe that booking a holiday makes them even happier than their wedding day.

So if you think that the happiest moment of your life is when you uncovered the coolest job, or when you looked beautiful in white during your wedding day, think again.

Travel brings unrivaled happiness. It transforms our lives in unimaginable ways. Try to watch the Wizard of Oz and it’ll surely ignite your desire to travel. Indeed, you’d surely want more than somewhere and experience a colorful and vibrant land far away.

Vacation isn’t just connected to our emotional well-being. It also challenges our boundaries which gives us a whole new height of happiness. Traveling is the best catalyst for happiness because it allows you to experience the man-made, cultural and natural wonders of the world. It’s the best school where you can learn happiness, confidence and more about yourself.

According to a global study by Booking.com, more than 70 percent of 17,000 people reveal that they find happiness in traveling more than in material things. Hence, majority of them shell out some of their fortune in order to find ultimate happiness in life.

In fact, 45 per cent were more delighted in traveling than on a date with their partner. And believe it or not, 51 per cent would rather book a vacation tour than having a baby. We can’t blame them. Material things can’t expand our capacity for joy, wonder and appreciation of the awesome diversity of the world.

Targeting Emotions

happiness and travelling
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The emotional boost you feel when the countdown to your travel day begins is unmatched. 72 percent of the participants uncover that they feel an intense excitement when anticipating the day of their trip. And 56 per cent are more joyful when booking their tour in advance.

Let’s open ourselves to the wonders of traveling- to the fact that it gives infectious happiness. Imagine this- when locals are friendly, smiling and happy, it will have an instant knock- on impact to your health. When you just see those beaming smiles, you would hardly get annoyed by the hassles you experience in life.
Traveling also gives you wide breathing space that’s likely lost in our busy daily lives. There’s nothing more than experiencing a peaceful and tranquil mind as you let go of your stress and just enjoy the moment. It is also in traveling that we get to rev up our interest in things. We don’t necessarily have to be travel bore just to have amazing stories to share. Travel itself already gives us plenty of funny and bizarre situations that will make our lives more and more interesting. Make someone laugh and it’ll immediately bump up your esteem. In fact, even just the planning stage already brings joy. 52 percent of the respondents claim their mood increases during the planning stage which include buying their holiday wardrobes, checking out pictures of destinations and accommodations and reading esteemed reviews from travel sites. Furthermore, 62 per cent feel the happiness once they leave work.

And when the travel day already arrives, voila!  Eighty-seven percent say it’s Day 1 of the happiest days of their lives.

Better Than Material Things

happiness and travel
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The days show that it’s not just the actual trip that brings happiness. From the planning stage up to the first to last day of your trip, we experience more happiness than we get from material things.

But to make your vacation experience much happier and more meaningful, plan it well. If you do, you can return to your work with higher level of engagement, vitality and happiness.

If I were you, just hold on to those travel memories and cherish them forever! So what are you waiting for? Travel now!