When you’re feeling blue, all you have to do is .…eat some ! Okay, so that’s not exactly what Phil Collins would have done, but according to experts, an ounce of walnuts is all it takes to get you “out of the dumps.”

happiness and chocolates
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What’s in the nut?

A lot, apparently! First and foremost, walnuts are rich in serotonin, a chemical widely known to boost mood, reduce depression, and . Serotonin is often referred to as the “ chemical”, and just who can argue with that?

Walnuts are high in magnesium, too. Research has it that magnesium deficiency can increase one’s risk of developing depression. And not only that, for there are studies claiming a rapid recovery from depression, thanks to this essential mineral.

walnut and happiness
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So, what else are there in walnuts? Why, walnuts contain lots of proteins and fiber as well! Have you ever experienced being so cranky, especially in the afternoon? If you have taken a carbo-loaded meal, then you’re probably having sugar spikes, if that is the case! You can avoid this by getting more protein and fiber-rich foods, like walnuts (exactly!), to your diet.

How will you be able to satisfy your sweet cravings, then, without ending up crappy at the end of the day? Indulge in !

Give in to your chocolate cravings!

chocolates and happiness
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Believe it or not, eating dark chocolates can make you feel happy, gay, and “on top of the world”. It’s not just because chocolates are comfort foods by any standard. Interestingly, there are more than 300 chemicals in chocolates. They occur naturally, though, so no worries about that. Some of these chemicals release neurotransmitters that have something to do with emotions and feelings.

Two of these neurotransmitters I’d like to specifically mention are phenylethylamine and serotonin. I’ve touched on serotonin earlier, so let me say a little about phenylethylamine, this time. I know, you may find it difficult to roll the word off your tongue, so just refer to it is the “”. Now, that sounds loads better, right?

Anyways, this “love drug” is responsible for prompting the same feelings of being in love – increased heart rate, giddiness, excitement. So, when you want or need to feel this way, and there’s no special someone out there (yet), simply have a few bites of dark chocolates.

Treat Your Sinking Heart With Walnuts and Dark Chocolates

happiness and chocolate
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Is your heart sinking for whatever reason? Maybe it is just the weather; then again, it can be more than that. Regardless, it is no fun to be down in the dumps. So next time you’re feeling all sad and blue, you know what to do – grab a few bites of walnuts or dark chocolates and eat them to your heart’s content.

Be Happy!

The bottom line —- be happy. Not only does it invite good vibes all around, but for all you know, your positive disposition can make a difference in someone else’s life!