is a goddess. period. She should be hoisted in a pedestal and adored by her subject, give her Laurel prize, or at least we should name a star after her or all of the above for discovering our one true love: the . (Over dramatic, I know, but this is me having a sugar rush or let me say in a state of foodgasm.)

Love at first sight is really not a thing in today’s age but all my resolve has been crushed, burned and made into ashes when I first saw it: The Unicorn Hot Chocolate. It is the embodiment of lust I should sue. With her ever supportive dad, Mark Czikalla, together they create a discovery of the century at their café located in Anaheim Hills, California, aptly named Crème and Sugar. (sounds sweet. Hehe)

Do you remember the magical feeling when you first laid eyes on your loved one? Those silly smiles playing on your lips, the flirty look you’re giving him, those batting eyelashes with seductive half smiles? Yes, those emotions came rushing through. Sipping this magical drink on a cold December day with the wind blowing outside, the ruffle of tree leaves and the giggle of those who are inside the café. A magical day with the magical drink. Tasting the rich white chocolate dyed in pink, a hint of vanilla, topped with whipped cream and pastel marshmallow and a sprinkle of colorful mix, this Unicorn Hot Chocolate is too good for words.

Here have a look and try not to drool too much:

See what I’m talking about?

Here, have some more…

Okay. Enough.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate has taken instagram by storm. Mark, in an interview, said that business has been “brisk” with the introduction of this luscious drink. The colorful mix, visually appealing and aroma intoxicating drink really is quite a show stopper.

Here are some posts/comments by the bewildered costumers:

Apparently, it is really a magical place:

and most are in love (like myself):

And many more! Some were out of words to say, most are saying they are going to check out this place. How about you?

See that luscious hot chocolate? Can you feel that marshmallow: soft, squishy and bouncy? How about that rich thick whipped cream? Are you not whipped yet? Because there is more! Crème and Sugar also has Unicorn Cakes, Unicorn Shakes, Unicorn drops and Unicorn bark! It’s really heaven on earth.

Unicorn shakes! Off our secret menu🦄🌈 #unicorn #milkshake #epic #epicfood #foodies

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According to Cosmopolitan, Joanna buys various sprinkles like edible pearls and edible glitter in bulk, and then makes her own special Unicorn Mix that she uses to top off her treats.

Okay, I cannot handle this anymore. Sugar rush: Crème and Sugar, here I come!!!