We find all sort of things on the Internet, from educational materials to plain fluff, from out-of-this-world stories to ordinary ones, and from to toxic tales. If you’re determined to make full use of the Internet, indulge in it as much as you possibly can (without compromising with your real-world responsibilities). If it has become too stressful for you, make sure you have that backup plan to retreat to your favorite .

Here are a few places in the online world where you can find :

1. The Nicest Place on the Internet

nicest place on the internet
Image Courtesy of Tech Love Design

Do you need a hug? Even a virtual one? If your friends are not immediately available just when you badly need it, go to The Nicest Place on the Internet. This is the perfect website for those who are looking for people who want to show them warmth and compassion, all with a virtual hug. The website shows strangers who are more than ready to give out hugs.

2. Emergency Compliment

emergency compliment
Image Courtesy of Vector Vault

Feeling down after being chastised at home or in the office? Losing your confidence after receiving a series of negative comments from other people? Pick yourself up and reclaim your confidence by getting random “emergency” compliments from this site. All it takes is one click and you can see basically any compliment to help you recover your self-esteem, or to at least have a good laugh.

3. Hooplaha

Image Courtesy of Hooplaha

This site was founded to counter bad news and to encourage people to show their compassion and kindness. It aims to tell stories of companies and individuals that lived on and breathed motivation to inspire other people.


4. Happier

happier website
Image Courtesy of SiteProNews

Leave the negativity behind and be surrounded by joyful moments in your lives, starting with you sharing your own joys online. Logging in to the site, you will find coaching and mini courses on achieving happiness.


5. CuteOverload.com

Image Courtesy of Cute Overload/Twitter

There are lots of dogs and cats on this site, enough to wipe out all your sour mood and keep you happy. Feel free to go awwww and ahhhh over the tricks these cute pets can pull off.

6. Gives Me Hope

Image Courtesy of Gives Me Hope

After seeing a lot of negative things online, you might want to balance those things out with stories about how great and inspiring humans can be, posts about happy pets, geeky engagement themes, and great couples. You can even submit your own stories full of hope to serve as inspiration to other readers.


7. “Happiness” Pinterest Boards

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Pinterest is all about image collections and you can easily pinpoint what you’re looking for by simply typing “happiness.” When you feel down, you can always click on your happiness board and flush all the negativities out.


8. Illuum

Image Courtesy of Goodnet

This mood-tracking app is a free online application that monitors when you’re at your happiest and when you’re feeling the exact opposite. It allows you to rate just how happy you are, from 1 (being the worst) to 9 (being awesome). And those scores will be plotted for a data analysis. You can then see when you’re usually at your happiest or sourest mood, so when you feel unhappy, you’d know what to do to take back that happiness.


9. Action for Happiness

Image Courtesy of Chill or Thrill

Be happy and make others happy with Action for Happiness and its team of expert psychologists, educators, economists, and social innovators. You can be a happiness coach and suggest to other people how to improve their day, such as cuddling with their pets, indulging in their hobby, or writing their feelings out if they cannot express them vocally. This could possibly be the best job in the world!


10. Happify

Image Courtesy of Getting2Alpha

Find happiness-inducing activities with the help of the programs from this site. Participate in some positive word-spreading game or gratitude expression and restore that smile on your face.

Stop sulking! Get started on bookmarking these sites now! 🙂