”, one of the most talked about Korean dramas today, has indeed swept me away. Before I finally watch the last episode (episode 16) later, I just wanted to mull over and reflect upon what I’ve learned from the whole series.

Aside from the kilig moments, the cute and incredible acting and the heart-pounding plot, the drama truly has a lot more to instill to its viewers… , words of wisdom, and basically inspiration.

Side note: While writing this, I’m listening to a Goblin playlist on YouTube with this instrumental playing “Heize – Round and Round Ft. 한수지 (Goblin OST Part 14)

Warning: There are some spoilers in here!

  1. Life on Earth is temporary. Make yours meaningful.

As can be seen through the Grim Reaper’s (played by Lee Dong Wook) ‘profession’, sending away the departed (making them tea before they go to the afterlife) seems like a way meant to show how life is indeed precious. Talking to each soul beforehand, he makes them recall how they spent their life on Earth (and whether or not they made an impact on others’ lives). There, at his tea shop, he met a couple (with the guy who made his wife miserable), an old man (whom the Goblin also met before) who made a difference during his lifetime, and countless others. As a whole, I guess this portrays the temporariness of our lives as well as the impact of our words and actions on our fellow men.

  1. Smile. You can change yours and others’ lives.

The drama’s characters do have incredible smiles (to begin with). Their smiles are truly infectious that you’d seem like a zombie with no feelings if you don’t get affected by the way they show their affection to their significant others. My heart truly melted when I watched this scene:


goblin kdrama
screenshot while watching from Box Asian



Ji Eun Tak (played by Kim Go Eun), Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) and Wang Yeo (the Grim Reaper) definitely captured my heart… not to mention Sunny (Yoo In-Na) and Yoo Deok-Hwa (Yook Sung-Jae). The bubbly personality of Eun Tak made me feel young again (not that I’m old. Hahaha) and the way she captured the Goblin’s heart through her smile and positive attitude is worth emulating.

  1. Trust in the Almighty. He has plans for you.

I did notice that the drama always mentioned deities (God, in my case, since I’m a Catholic) in almost every episode. The deity, according to the story, is in the form of a white butterfly that flies around whenever it is there with the character. At one point, the deity even possessed the body of Deok Hwa and talked to the Goblin and the Grim Reaper.

With this, I have also reflected on the power a Supreme Being to create someone with a real purpose. The Birth Grandmother (Lee El) also manifested through her role as one of the deities that everyone, no matter how long they live, is made with love and care. The way she wanted the Goblin to get the sword out of his chest already (for Eun Tak’s sake) was a manifestation of that desire to maintain balance (in the form of life and death).

  1. Every deed has a corresponding merit/demerit.

Showing reincarnation as one of Goblin’s themes, the drama also pointed out the value of our actions. If one did well in his lifetime by being good to others, he may be reincarnated to continue on with his purpose. The same goes with being evil in the past. His sins from the past may still carry on throughout his next lifetime, as was the case for Wang Yeo when he became a grim reaper (to atone for his sins, making him forget his sins then). Kim Shin also met his punishment and reward throughout his 900+ years of existence (making him witness the lives and deaths of the people he loved).

secretary Kim Goblin
screenshot while watching via Drama Love

  1. Love has no boundaries. Love does not end with death.

I still don’t know the ending of the drama, but throughout episodes 1 to 15, I have witnessed how love was shown by each character. With the various reincarnations they have been into, I’ve learned about how love indeed seemed to withstand the test of time. The love he felt for someone in his past life can still resurface in his next. And as long as there are sacrifice, commitment, and a nice foundation for relationships, there’s no stopping them. No age nor status in life can separate lovers. If they just become honest, loyal, forgiving, humble, and trustworthy enough, they can surpass challenges that come their way.

These are just some realizations as I watched ‘Deokkebi’. I just can’t get over this KDrama fever that I really can’t pass up the chance of writing about it. If you have some other realizations upon watching this drama, feel free to comment below! Kamsamhamnida! 🙂