Humankind has been fascinated with the idea of eternal life. We’ve been looking for the so-called Fountain of Youth which, legend has it, a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Thousands of years ago, this fascination was fueled by Juan Ponce de Leon, Puerto Rico’s first Governor with his quest to find the fountain to which no avail. So, what are the secrets of the ? Find out here!

fountain of youth
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Fast forward to date: scientists, medical professionals and nutritionists are always in the battle to find the secret of , spent millions after millions of money for research, development, innovations, etc. but is there really such thing? Can humans really live long? The answer is both yes and no with the breakthrough in medicine practice, artificial intelligence and advance scientific researches. (If you want to be a guinea pig, that is! because most of those stuff are still in laboratory and testing stage.) But don’t give up just yet! Here in Daily PH, your is our top most priority so we compiled the top 10 secrets to a , (not eternal, mind you. At least, close to.) by the people who live here the longest.

The Los Angeles based Gerontology Research Group, (they are the one who keeps records on the ages of oldest people) noted that as of this writing, we have 46 super centenarians – meaning people who live 110 years or more. The oldest they have in record who is still alive is Emma Murano of Verbania, Italy, who, in November 2016, celebrated her 117th birthday (wow!).

In no specific order, here are the top 10 secrets to outlive them all:

  1. Eggs. Plenty of them.
    • Most articles I found while searching online for the “secrets” is eating a balanced diet and most of them mentioned eggs. From eating raw eggs to hard boiled ones from breakfast to supper. Are eggs really that supple? I only have eggs for breakfast! But yeah. Eggs. Plenty of them. – Emma Murano (117 years old) and Susannah Jones (116 years old)

  1. All the way.
    • (Oh no!) Yep. You’ve read it right. Vegetables for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Eat some raw celery sticks, lettuce, tomatoes and every vegetable you can think of plus throw in some nuts, legumes and seeds. Every. Single. Meal. Balanceddiet is very crucial according to Boxin Huang (110 years old) from China
  1. Be Kind.
    • “Treat people right and be nice to other people the way you want them to be nice to you”- Gertrude Weaver (116 years old) TIME, 2014. Apparently, being kind and sympathetic towards people will eliminate some unnecessary life stress. So, there. Be kind!
  1. Manage your stress.
    • Don’t overthink and don’t push yourself too much. Current study shows that more people have illness due to stress: school, work, environment or just being stressed out about stress. (ha!) take it easy, buddy. If you want to live long.
manage stress
Image Courtesy of Flickr, Bark
  1. Be active.
    • Alexander Imich (111 years old) attributed his long life to being physically active and pursuing physical activities which includes swimming and gymnastics.
  1. Get plenty of sleep. (my personal favorite)
    • Kamato Hongo (116 years old) and Leandra Becerra Lumbreras (127 years old) both attributed their longevity to sleeping. (hurray!) While sleeping, your body is working its magic and repairing any damage tissues. So sleeping, scientifically speaking is beneficial to our health.

  1. Be social.
    • “No man is an island”. How many times do we hear this phrase? For me, a lot. And it’s kind of annoying already after all those years. But being with peers is beneficial. Talking, arguing, laughing, name it. Connect with people, with family, relatives and friends and you will have a fulfilling life.
  1. NO to MAN.
    • Ok, this sounds mean. But according to Jessie Gallan (109 years old) she avoided getting into relationships. According to her and I quote: “They’re more trouble than they’re worth,” Well, can’t really argue with her. She linked not having a man in her life to her longevity. Go figure!
  1. Walk.
    • George Boggess (103 years old) attributed his old age to walking. At least 10 to 20 minutes walk a day every day. Apart from destressing, walking also improves stamina, body functions and blood circulations.
  1. Sushi
    • Those cooked rice thingy that you need to pick up using those damn sticks. Yes. Sushi. According to Misao Okawa (117 years old). Don’t ask me why. Japan is believed to have a whooping 50, 000 people who are 100 years old and older attributed to their low-fat diet, which in fact, is the embodiment of sushi.
sushi for health
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Do you have more secrets to a longer life? Let us know through comments below!