Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 () is about to end two days from now (on air), but the life lessons we, avid viewers, have been getting from the show does not end yet. Let’s take a peek at some reflections on the happenings from this season, shall we?

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 wiinner

  1. Master your craft.

Modeling, just like any other field, (though I’m not a model by profession hahaha) takes some studying and mastery. If you want to excel in it, you’d have to invest your time, knowledge, skills and your whole self to it. Note how contestants in such reality shows, no matter how amateur or professional they already are, still get to learn a lot during the show.

  1. Grow every chance you’ve got.

I’m not sure if ASNTM is scripted or not, but whatever the case is, it surely has shown that growing is always a part of its themes. Be it with ’ acceleration as a model in the competition, to Shikin’s consistency in showing their flair, it’s inevitable. Growth will, and will always be a huge factor to one’s success. We either sink or swim through the tides of our downfalls and successes.

  1. Be good, even to your detractors.

Let’s face it: there’ll come a time when we would have to face critics – the worst of them. The modeling industry surely has a lot of them, hence the pressure on these aspiring top models. Each cycle, aside from the model-mentors, judges, and host, does have seemingly villains. This cycle, to the specific, we came across several. In real life, they may not be as such, but on camera (or based on what the camera has shown), Clara, Shikin, Tu, Jennica, Nametha, and Dorothy were shown as the “bad girls”. Meanwhile, those in the “good girls” side included Maureen, Cindy, Valerie, Veronika, Tu (before), and others.

When Clara, Shikin, and Tu confronted Maureen about being just a “pretty face with no skills”, things surely heated up in the model house. Although I did not really believe in Clara’s acting there (though I’m also not so sure if that was just Clara’s personality or if it was just to stir up the drama in the show), Maureen’s way of handling the issue was just so chill. She did not fight aggressively but just defended herself tactfully. Good enough for real drama here!

  1. Handle pressure with confidence.

What I also like the most from this “reality” show is the composition of its panel of judges. One of them is Yu Tsai (Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai!!!). Known to be a terror when dealing with bratty and struggling models, he sure knows what he’s doing. May we be models or not, we should learn to handle pressure with grace and confidence. Although there may be times when we struggle with life’s crucial poses, we must keep on reflecting – eventually finding that “inner star” in us.

  1. Be on top.

Last but definitely not the least, we must always be on top of our game. Modeling is truly similar to life. If we want to overcome challenges, we should know how to tackle them like a pro. Along with the lessons we’ve been learning from the beginning, by strutting our stuff on the catwalk of success, we can definitely make it on top!