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happiness and the internet
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Here we go again, checking on our favorite Facebook fan pages, hunting the latest great buys on Lazada, tweeting all the way, and more! The Internet has become our hub for everything, and it has truly become our way of life. Welcome to the World Wide Web 3.0.

We haven’t been run over by zombies (yet?!) but it seems like we have become zombies with the way we depend on the digital world for comfort and . Waking up while checking our Facebook newsfeed tends to be a habit. Someone liked our latest post? None yet. Became sad? Not really. Or maybe yes?

Study on Life Satisfaction and the Internet

Well, considering the latest study by the Computers in Human Behavior journal, it seems like there may just be a way for happiness to peer through our computer screens and mobile phones when we use the Internet, specifically on the elderly. According to the research entitled “Life Satisfaction in the Internet Age — Changes in the Past Decade” (Lissitsa & Chachasvili-Bolotin, 2016), seniors using the Internet tend to be more satisfied with their lives than those who do not. The study has also found that shopping online and using email are linked with a boost in life satisfaction. On the other hand, playing games and using social media have no association with it.

One’s ability to utilize the Internet in searching for information turned out to have a significant effect on happiness, too. However, it has a positive relationship for those with health concerns most likely due to how the Internet helps facilitate interactions.

What’s Next? (and Other Questions)

So now, where do you turn to? Have you been convinced by the life satisfaction, the equation? Do you really believe that there’s a happily ever after with the Net?

Despite controversies regarding this field, there may still be a grain of truth to this. I guess there just has to be control.

Using the Internet may be a tool for happiness when used in moderation. Remember: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” (Oscar Wilde)

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Do you believe in the power of the Internet to make people ? Share your thoughts below! 🙂