Everyone would surely agree that 24 hours isn’t a heap of time. But would you also agree that there’s a lot of things that can happen within 24 hours? Yes, a lot…even improving your relationships.

With all the things going in couples’ lives, it could be very easy to forget some small gestures that keep their relationship ticking. What you might not realize is that it doesn’t necessarily take so much time to make your partner realize how you value him or her. Read on for the things you can do in 24 hours to improve your marriage.

0600H – Unplug from social media.

facebook happiness
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Study shows that heavy use of social media causes a negative impact to relationship as it creates distance. So turning off your phone goes a long way to improve your relationship. Ditch your smartphone for a while and break that distance it creates between you and your partner.

0800H – Brew a cup of coffee with him/her.

coffee date happiness
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Simple acts like brewing a cup of coffee with your partner can help improve your relationship. According to experts, frequent simple act of kindness for the day is a good predictor of in marriage. Doing such simple but significant act can make your partner feel noticed and special.

1200H – Laugh about your funny moments from the past.

laugh happiness
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Humor and laugher reminiscence surely packs an added punch to a relationship because the couple get the chance to relive the funny moments by laughing again together. Bringing out the funny moments makes you feel how crazy but smashing and satisfying your relationship had become.

1600H – Give him/her a hug.

hug happiness
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Showing nonsexual acts like handholding or hugging can be more important than sex itself in improving your relationship. Hugging can be the best way to let your partner know that he or she is in a relationship. Hugging your partner before and after the day ends can already make him or her feel more comfortable with you. And this will create a positive impression to your partner.

1800H – Look at yourself.

reflect happiness
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You may have read it somewhere, but this is something every couple can try in 24 hours to improve relationship. If you feel like your marriage needs some work, then you have to look at yourself first. Reflect on questions like, ‘What am I doing?”, “What am I not doing?”, and “How do I make my partner feel special?”. Doing this doesn’t mean you’re the issue. It just means that you are getting clear on your role.

2200H – Take time for self-care.

self care happiness
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It can really be hard for you to improve any walk of life if you feel exhausted and frustrated. And it takes less than 24 hours to clear your mind and regain valuable insights that matter to your relationship. Take care of yourself and everything else follows.

If you think the spark in your relationship is slowly going low, it won’t take so much of your time to do your part. You don’t have to spend a week, months or years to create a positive impact. You’ve got 24 hours to improve your relationship!