Love gurus are all the rage with the advent of videos all over the Internet. With this, viewers have all the more become engrossed in watching a fairy tale come to life with a touch of reality. Welcome to the 21st century! Every little thing can be made viral… Most especially love stuff. Thus, here, folks, are  some  amazing YouTube  videos containing some tantalizing ideas towards achieving expertise on love. Probably.

  1. Best Marriage Proposals Will Make You Cry

First video on this list of five enlightening videos is a compilation of  make-you-wanna-cry marriage proposals. Guys are so in love that they go through extremes in their marriage proposals.

Starting out the compilation is a video of a fireman offering his burning love to his girlfriend. Then followed by emotionally charged  love dramas of  amazing marriage proposals. Guys on their knees and girls crying out with glee.

      2. Most Unusual Couples To Get Married

Second video on the list is also about marriage proposals. Well, almost!

There is this story of a girl who actually married her ward- a dolphin! The dolphin doesn’t have any idea about the formal thing, but she’s all hearts for her loving friend. Lesbians!Then there’s the love stories of giants and dwarves, declaring to all the world how love conquers all. Be it big or small, fat or ugly, there’s love for everyone to cherish.

     3. Living With Tigers: Family Shares Home With Tigers

Third video on the list  is not a compilation. It’s a narrative of how a  man, by the name of Aryas Borges, was moved  by pity towards a couple of abused circus tigers and then went out  of his way  to rescue them and provide for them a new home!  They lived together ever since as one big family. Aryas Borges with his wife, his three lovely daughters, and seven big tigers all happy inside one home. Well, Aryas had been taking such good care of them that,  from two poor tigers, they blossomed  into seven big and healthy felines.

      4. Whitney Houston: The Greatest Love Of All

Fourth video on the list  is an inspiring message to any  love guru wannabe. Its  the classic song of Whitney Houston, “ The ”.  What  person so in love doesn’t need  an inspirational theme song? Yes folks, love all the virgins all you want, but first of all you gotta love yourself.

     5. The Hidden Teachings Of Jesus

And finally,  the man, the prophet, the messiah. Some messages from the greatest guy who ever graced the wide screens. Any romantic could use some of this guy’s mumbo jumbo about love and its aesthetics. Those beautiful but meaningless words of nonsense. Almost all of his teachings we could already discern for ourselves, but He puts it out with authority and power, and thus so beautiful for everyone to behold. And beholden they got. Loving your neighbor is needing only love.

That’s it, my amazing discoveries for today. Some exhilarating visuals for everyone to behold. Young or old, pretty or beautiful; you could be loved.  And if you’re so lucky as to be so loved by the whole wide world, then  share all you can! Truth to tell, food will keep you alive; but love will get you alive and kicking!