Imagine this. You just bumped into someone, looked him into the eye, and you already realized that he’s the one. Holy Cow! You’ve found your Mr. Right! But that’s just in movies, of course!

Unluckily, in reality, it’s a bit harder to make a relationship work. And when everyone is already cheering you to tie the knot, it’s much harder to know whether this is it or not. So how to know if he’s the one? Check out our pieces of advice!

how to know if he's the one
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He brags about you.

Your partner is marriage material if he can’t resist bragging about you. If you get cool things done at work or you’ve won a concert ticket for two, he’d love to tell everyone about you without you even knowing it. Yes! Your Mr. Right is your biggest fan!

You two are on the same page.

Another way on how to know if he’s the one is when your partner shares the same values and goal as you. For instance, you both desire to have kids and agree to divide the childcare fairly. Or you agreed that you need to allot 45 minutes to hit the gym every day. Or you’re planning to buy a new home in five years’ time, maybe,

He loves making sacrifices for you.

Knowing if your guy is man enough to make sacrifices for you is one way on how to know if he’s the one. Are you glad doing the same thing for him? If yes, then you’re with THE man. Someone who will love to move to the suburbs to live with you when you just got a new job or when you finished schooling is worth keeping for a lifetime.

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He’s OK with girls’ night.

Girls, you don’t have to take the guilt when having nights out away from him! More importantly, he should be supportive. According to experts, taking a break from your partner every now and then is healthy for your relationship. Someone like this guy only wants you to enjoy your independence.

He strongly feels about fidelity.

Actually, it’s more of a common sense, but this tip is worth reiterating when you’re thinking about how to know if he’s the one. Research shows that those who have cheated in the past are likely to cheat on their subsequent partner. Yes, it doesn’t mean that a person who cheated once isn’t husband material, but experts stress out that having a serious discussion regarding your partner’s outlook on fidelity is important in this case.

He never stops exploring your bio.

You might have filled your pillow talk with Q & As, but your partner still loves to learn a lot about you. He may already know what cracks you up, but he still continues to ask more questions about you, such as your dreams and passions in life. And that’s a good sign!

how to know if he's the one
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He fits in to your friend groups.

A lifetime relationship means your partner blends with your social circle. It’s so lovely to know that your partner willingly supports your friends dear to you. So how to know if he’s the one? He never minds if you’re with your girl friends or feeling threatened when you’re around with male friends.

No matter how crazy you’re in love with him, it can be hard to know if he’s worth it. So be sure to check off the signs that you’ve already found your .