Working in a call center has its advantages and disadvantages. You would hear a lot of horror stories from people who worked in that industry. Despite the promise of an above average pay and a fast track career the call center job offers, you would wonder why there is a high turnover rate in terms of employment.

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The work call center agents do is never easy. They don’t live normal lives. Their work schedule changes frequently and very drastically. They have to adjust their office hours to coincide with the time zone of their foreign client counterparts. The result is that they don’t get to sleep or eat on time. It takes a lot to adjust their body clock just to abide by their work schedule.

As we all know, if we lack enough sleep or if we don’t eat on time that has a great impact on our entire well-being. Not only does the agent start having all sorts of body pain and illnesses, their overall attitude to life in general changes.

The lack of work and life balance triggers changes in attitude and work ethics. Since the agent deals with irate  callers and has to balance meeting the required metrics to make their calls stellar, that puts a lot of unnecessary stress on them they start getting physically and mentally sick. Sometimes they just suddenly feel a headache or get bouts of hyperacidity due to the overall work environment. This causes a lot of absenteeism and leads to job dissatisfaction on the part of the agent. You would not even be surprised if the agent will just suddenly snap and be irate on the call themselves. Aside from the physical stress, agents go through a lot of mental stress as well.

Agents deal with all these stresses in different ways. Some would resort to heavy drinking or even drugs to cope with it. But there are those who seek a more holistic approach when dealing with stress. These are agents who realized that most of the body pains they are experiencing stems from the mental and spiritual stress they are going through. A better way to heal the body is to heal the mind. Apart from yoga, some agents do seek psychotherapy as a means to deal with their mental stress.

Fortunately, employers have recognized the urgency to keep their agents fit physically and mentally to perform better at the job. Call centers have put up gyms and health centers in their premises to allow agents to do workouts to relieve stress. They also offer wellness seminars to address the needs of their agent’s mental health and well-being. There are organizations like (Reintegration for Care and Wholeness Foundation) that offers these kinds of services.

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RCWFI is a non-profit foundation that offers a holistic approach to resolving mental stress issues. They have a unique psycho-spiritual approach in healing by providing training, counseling and education through their various seminars. They also have a wide range of life-carers who function as the support system for the attendees. Healing starts when the agents sign up for a wellness seminar and continue even when it is over. The dedicated life-carers who work on a voluntary basis will do follow up calls to check on the progress of the attendees just to make sure if their spiritual healing is right on track. By using services like these, this definitely makes a great improvement in the quality of life a call center agent has.

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