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I had a strange dream last night! Have you ever tried to decode the meaning of a strange bedtime vision? You’re not alone. Many individuals try to make sense of their dreams. Well, dreams can be mysterious, thrilling or downright terrifying. But did you ever know that there are dreams that tell about your hidden desires and emotions? Check out the .

You are flying through the air.

dream flying meaning
Image Courtesy of Flickr, AK Rockefeller

Flying through the air like a capable bird is probably one of the best dream themes. But did you know the hidden meaning of such dreams? These wonderful bedtime visions mean an increase in personal confidence, especially in trying something you’ve never done before. Sometimes, this dream reveals the initial stage of love when you’re in the beginning of a relationship. So, the flying version of yourself in your dream is your soaring heart. When you have such dream, it may remind you to build more self-esteem in some aspects of life that you have really struggled with. It means that you need to face your previous fears.

You Become Rich All of a Sudden.

dream becoming rich meaning
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Have you ever had a dream where in you were the boss of a giant company? Or anything where you became rich all of a sudden? If so, do you know the meaning behind it? These dreams unveil a deeper sense about your emotions into something that has actually happened to you. And take note, this may have little thing to do with money. This dream reveals about a classic wish fulfillment for emotional wealth. Of course, there’s no reason to dread such dreams. In fact, such bedtime visions are a great stepping stone to think about what actually makes you emotionally rich. Focus on the things that give you sense of emotional fulfillment, not only in terms of money but also in other walks of life.

You got your dream top job.

dream meaning job work
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You may probably get frustrated when you wake up from a dream where in you were an international star. Well, this dream also speaks something about your hidden desire, desire to be recognized more, either in your school or at work. It means that the inner version of you doesn’t like to be taken for granted and you seek for more respect and appreciation for other people. So what can do you? Assess yourself. Find out if you want to set yourself apart from the rest. You might want to take an assertive training or challenge yourself to accomplish more things that give you sense of purpose and satisfaction. After giving your best at work, then treat yourself.

You have a gorgeous look to die for.

dream meaning gorgeous look
Image Courtesy of Pexels

This bedtime vision, just like with the other dream themes, can be a classic wish satisfaction. If you had such bedtime vision, it discloses your desire to be more likeable. However, it also reveals something else. It tells that you know that you are overseeing some of your best qualities. And it does not necessarily mean your physical attributes, but also other qualities that make you as a person. Let such images be your guide into focusing on your inner self and ponder on things you can give or do for other people. Appreciate the best qualities you have and don’t feel sorry for your flaws and imperfections.

If you want to find out what your dreams mean and how they are connected to your desires and emotions, you don’t have to tap a bedtime vision expert. You can research different dream themes and dream analysis sites and you would slowly weave the meaning together.