From time to time, Daily PH seeks subject matter experts to share with its readers tips, insights, and their other know-how on relevant topics. For this week, we got the chance to interview a “”, the Founder/motivational speaker of the Training and Formation Center, and laughter/yoga leader, Mr. Bryson G. Bonsol.

I recall my first encounters with Bryson back in college at De La Salle Lipa. He was often at the campus ministry office or at the Council of Student Organizations, serving during masses and active as a student leader. His smile was infectious, and true enough, as years passed, it still is. Read on and discover his journey towards becoming a Teacher. 

Bryson Bonsol Be Blest
Image Courtesy of Mr. Bonsol
  1. What is being a Happiness Teacher about?

Being a “Happiness Teacher” is a personal mission I received from God, the Source of Happiness. I think, I am “called and sent” to share what true happiness is. Since college, I have been reading self-help books with topics such as success, wealth, and happiness. Why? Because I want to be successful, wealthy, and happy. And I guess, everyone wants this too! We all want to be happy! So I began reading and buying more books on happiness written by gurus, psychologists, religious leaders, scientists, and researchers.

I also attended seminars, workshops, and certification courses that deal with happiness. Until one day, I found out that I have been incorporating “happiness topic” in the talks I give. I even made a module for a one-day seminar-workshop on happiness called: “The Happiness Workshop.” Since then, I made it a personal mission to share to people the secrets on how to be happy. I go to prisons, to different communities, to companies, schools, parishes, and organizations to share the “good news” and that is “we can all be happy!”

  1. What made you start Be Blest?

I remember, when I was in 3rd year college, after reading a good book on success, I wrote down my dreams and goals in life. Because one of my passions is talking in front of people and teaching people what I know, one of the many things I’ve written was to establish my own company where I will give talks, seminars, workshops, recollections, and retreats to schools, companies, and communities. That was just a BIG dream before. I totally forgot about it. Until I attended a whole day seminar on success. I was so inspired. So that same week, I registered “my dream company” to government agencies (I was still working in Ateneo High School that time as a campus minister.

Be Blest Training and Formation Center
Image Courtesy of Mr. Bonsol

Two years after the establishment of my company, after discernment, I resigned and became full time in Be Blest). Let me share with you the mission-vision of Be Blest: “The Be Blest Training and Formation Center aims to Inspire and Empower people to fulfill their Life’s Purpose in Blessing the world.” You and I are so much blessed. If we are living our purpose, we are blessing one another, and we are blessing the world!

  1. Who are your influencers/role models?

My role model is Bro. Bo Sanchez. He is a preacher, motivational/inspirational speaker, and best-selling author. He is a captivating speaker, a good storyteller. He effectively injects humor in his talks and he speaks from the heart. He is blessing millions of souls worldwide through his books, online ministries, and organizations. I have read plenty of his books and I’ve even attended his public seminars on success and financial literacy. I also attend the “Feast” when I am free. There, he preaches practical things on spirituality, success, and relationships. I wish to be like him too! I hope I can even work with him in the future!

  1. What are your current projects/other advocacies?

I have scheduled talks, recollections, and retreats for the coming months. I also collaborate with different motivational speakers in the country, organizing public events. From time to time, I post videos on Facebook about happiness. I use two hashtags: and .

  1. What is happiness for you?

Happiness is a gift from God. It is a gift because it is freely given. You can accept this gift, unwrap it, and use it for your own benefit and for the good of other people or you can reject this gift and live in sorrow. It is always a choice. We all share the same gift of happiness. This gift may grow big and give you more happiness or it may even shrink. It all depends on how a person uses and enjoys this gift. There are plenty of ways on how to use, nurture, and share this gift. Let’s find out how…

  1. What are your happiness tips for our readers?

Three tips on how to be truly happy. The 3 tips start with letter “G”. I call it the “3 G’s of Happiness.” The first G is “God.” Know that God wants you to be happy! Believe it! God is for you! God is your father, your healer, your provider, your friend. He is the Source of happiness. So if you want to be happy, go to God first! Pray. Meditate. Practice Silence. Connect to the Divine.

Be Blest
Image Courtesy of Be Blest

The second G is “Gratitude.” There are so many things to be grateful for! Count your blessings big and small! A grateful person is a happy person! There are 3C’s of ingratitude. They are Comparing, Complaining, and Criticizing. So if you are comparing yourself to other people, if you complain a lot, and if you keep on criticizing, maybe, you are not grateful enough. Gratitude allows you to live in the present moment. Live in the “now!” and be happy!

The third G is “Generosity.” Generosity in itself has its own reward and that is “feeling good.” You feel good about yourself for being kind. By being generous, I mean two things: generosity to self and generosity to other people. The latter is so easy to understand. It is so easy to be generous to other people. Share your time, talents, and treasure, while the former is somehow difficult to grasp and practice. When I say generosity to self, don’t forget yourself. Love yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself, and treat yourself on a date! Do you enjoy singing, dancing, acting, painting, mountaineering, traveling, baking, and speaking? Then by all means, do them! Find time!

So the 3G’s to a happy life are: God, Gratitude, & Generosity.

In the end, ask yourself: “what will truly make me happy?” Be honest with yourself. You know the answers!

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