Let’s face it. Humans are becoming more and more disconnected from one another. Even though the internet has bridged distance and time zones, it’s this obsession with mobile phone, gadgets, and work that appears to have made tempers shorter. Our interactions with fellow humans are often rushed or hurried because we’re always trying to get somewhere – really fast.

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According to Psychology Today, people don’t realize that they are becoming rude to one another. In the frantic pace of the day, people rush past others, shove others on the subway, or never bother to hold a door open for a senior citizen. We get it, people are busy. People need to work. But hey, don’t forget that the part that makes us all human needs to be nurtured too.

From Competitive to Compassionate

In the beginning of time, man had to fight and kill for survival. It was a cruel and harsh environment they were in, and “kill or be killed” applied to everyday life. However, civilization has advanced so much that people don’t have to fight in order to live another day. We’re not in a “” or “” scenario. Life is technically easy and more pleasant now that people have jobs that earn them a living, and they have money to buy the things they need.

In recent decades though, the increase in material wealth and preoccupation with work, earning a living, and raising a family, has caused people to neglect their relationship with others. True, they keep relationships with family, friends, and co-workers alive (or do they?) but they forget the all-important aspect of empathy towards others.

Doing a good deed to a stranger, such as buying a suspended cup of coffee or meal, may make you feel good and honorable for a while. But don’t let that end there. Experts say that doing an act of to someone random, like a person we meet at the grocery checkout line, can help anyone feel more positive. It is in fact, therapeutic and could spell the difference between feeling angry, left out, and depressed to being truly .

If people did small, random acts of kindness to another person every day, it could become an outlook-changing experience for a lot of people.

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If you’re up for the challenge, here are 10 simple acts of kindness you can do for someone else:

  1. Do not cut someone on the road. Trying not to be late for work on a Monday can truly be exhausting and can test a person’s patience as well as manners. If someone is trying to cut ahead of you on traffic, let him pass. Better yet, don’t be that person who tries to cut another motorist. You’re already late, do you need to be a bad person too?
  2. Apologize for small things. You could be right and the cashier or barista may need to get his act together. But if you yelled at him or her for not getting your order correct or your change right, apologize. It will help you feel better immediately instead of you carrying the negativity all day.
  3. Greet someone. It’s a simple hello, good morning, or good afternoon. Hearing a polite greeting does amazing things to someone’s day.
  4. Give a compliment to someone who needs it. Is there someone at work or at school who isn’t popular, or isn’t very well liked? Take the time out to give this person a sincere compliment. It can be as simple as saying, “hey, nice dress today!” or “I really like your shoes”.
  5. Ask about another person’s life. How long has it been since you’ve had a meaningful conversation with your co-workers or schoolmates? Ever bother to ask the security guard at your building how he’s doing? Strike up a conversation and make someone else feel important. Instead of bragging about your new purchases, sincerely ask someone how he is and how his family is doing.
  6. Smile at the delivery guy or the meter maid. People who do manual labor are often treated gruffly and are almost “invisible” to others. A simple smile and thank you goes along way for both the giver and the recipient.
  7. Let someone go first in a queue. If you’re at the grocery checkout and the person next to you is only buying a couple of items, let him or her go first.
  8. Help the elderly. It can be with crossing the street, opening a package, carrying something, or striking a simple conversation with them at the park. You know they’re lonely and in need of human assistance as well as interaction. Remember that we all grow old someday.
  9. Give your seat to a pregnant woman or someone with a child. Commuting can be stressful and we all want to be comfortable. However, a woman who is pregnant or travelling with a child will greatly appreciate being able to sit down. You can make a new friend by the end of the trip and have made someone else feel better too.
  10. Share food. A lot of people are hungry not because they don’t have money to buy food, but because they also don’t know how to prepare meals for themselves. If you have a co-worker who is always buying take out from fast food, try sharing some of your home-cooked meal with him or her. It makes a huge difference and will make you feel better too.

These are 10 simple things you can do to change the course of your day and invite more positivity. The universal law of karma ensures that you feel better and lighter after doing small and random acts of kindness. These could be strangers or people you are already working or going to school with. Everyone needs a little hug, or an extra ray of sunshine to brighten their day.

Why not try to be that person? Spread all around!